Annual Conference

 Third Annual Conference - February 23, 2013

Details about speakers, sessions, venue, and much more are on the events page.


Second Annual Conference - October 15, 2011

AAMS Second Annual Conference

DATE: October, 15th 2011
TIME: 9am to 5pm (Conference); 5pm to 7:30pm (Concert)
LOCATION: Founders Assembly Hall, Room 152 Founders College, 99 Ottawa Road, York University Keele Campus

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Ontario Task Force Press Release (Download Here)

Over the past few years, a number of Canadian non for profit organizations, community groups, activists, educators, law enforcement personnel and government officials have made considerable in roads in drawing awareness and launching initiatives to assist those affected by contemporary slavery. Much media coverage and attention has focused on sex trafficking. This one-day conference seeks to illuminate a number of lesser known forms of contemporary slavery that are thriving at home and abroad. These include domestic slavery, debt bondage, child soldiery, hereditary slavery, forced servile marriage and human trafficking for forced labour. This conference also seeks to outline important gap areas, including post-enslavement rehabilitation, memory and trauma, sex tourism, best practice analysis, preventative measures, partnerships and avenues to counter the ways in which we are all connected to slavery through the consumer goods we purchase and consume on a daily basis.

Similar to our inaugural conference on January 29 2011, this conference will feature four sessions, each with four to five experts. Sessionss will be followed by a question and answer period.

We are pleased to welcome several leading NGOs, activists, government officials, law enforcement personnel, and experts in these areas. The Honourable Jean Augustine will be joining us and will help open the conference.

The conference will be followed by a concert featuring AAMS Spokersperson Kate Todd, Kaesun, Janelle Belgrave and Jeff Gunn of Peace Concept. Video clips of last year’s concert event are available at

Inaugural Conference - January 29, 2011

DATE: January 29th, 2011
TIME: 9:00am to 5:30pm
LOCATION: Founders Assembly Hall, Room 152 Founders College, 99 Ottawa Road, York University Keele Campus

Schedule: To see the full schedule, please click here (or click here to download in Word format)

Full Conference Program and Speaker Bios: Click here to download

On January 28-29, 2011, we celebrated our launch by bringing together international experts, government officials, law enforcement personnel, survivors of slavery and more to York University’s campus for a freedom concert and conference.

Approximately 150 people attended our Party for Freedom Concert in York’s beautiful Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre. Highlights included Roger F. Cram’s inspiring keynote, a documentary on Slavery Past and Present, greetings by Judith Dueck on behalf of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Testimony from Glendene Grant - mother of missing human trafficking victim Jessie Foster, and performances by Samba Elegua Drummers, Kate Todd, Jeff Gunn and Janelle Belgrave of Peace Concept. Those in attendance also enjoyed fair trade chocolate, coffee and cookies from ChocoSol.

An estimated 250+ people attended our Slavery in the 21st Century Conference from 9am to 5:30pm in York University’s Founders Assembly Hall. The seats were full to capacity, and those in attendance heard presentations by NGOs, activists, law enforcement and government officials doing work to end modern-day slavery in local and global communities.

Following our successful launch, one of our first projects is to create a list serv to help increase communication and organization among NGOs, survivors of modern slavery, politicians, law enforcement officials, activists, educators, academics and the general public.

We are happy to also be partnering with Active History, and advising Tapestry New Opera’s workshop for their workshop presentation of “The Enslavement and Liberation of Oksana G.”

Our launch concert and conference both received a considerable amount of media attention, including stories in the following online local, provincial and national publications: