Our Partners

Given the complexity and pervasiveness of modern slavery, we believe we are stronger as organizations when we partner together. AAMS is pleased to be partnering with Active History, ChocoSol, Dalit Freedom Network, the Harriet Tubman Institute, Learning for Hope and TEMEDT. If you are interested in becoming an official partner with AAMS, please contact us.

Active History LogoActive History

ActiveHistory.ca is a web-based project that aims to make historical research more accessible to policy makers, the media and the public. There are four ways that we seek to meet these goals: 1) We publish short research-based papers on topics relevant to Canadian History; 2) We manage a database of people with historical expertise in order to make it easier to find people working on a particular historical subject; 3) We publish short book reviews that fit within ActiveHistory.ca’s mandate; 4) We promote events, websites and other resources that share a similar mandate through our blog and partnerships. ActiveHistory.ca is an inclusive project that aims to bring together people and groups who have an interest in encouraging historical thinking in Canada.

Dalit Freedom Network LogoDalit Freedom Network

The Dalit Freedom Network (DFN) is a human rights, non-government organization that partners with the Dalit people in India. We represent a vast network of justice-minded, modern-day abolitionists committed to bringing freedom to history’s longest standing oppressed people group.

The Harriet Tubman Institute LogoHarriet Tubman Institute

The Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples at York University is proud to be part of an international network of research centres committed to overcoming injustice and inequity as a result of slavery.


ChocoSol is a community of innovative and dynamic individuals engaged in a trans-local trading relationship that goes beyond mere commerce to intercultural dialogue and reciprocal relationship building.


(meaning solidarity) has been credited for uncovering Mali’s hidden slavery. It has over 28,000 members and works at combating the long-standing hereditary enslavement of black Tamacheks (known as Bella) to white Tamacheks (known as Touareg) in the Sahel and Sahara regions bordering the Niger River.

Learning for Hope

Learning for Hope was founded in hopes of improving the lives and the quality of education for underprivileged students and special needs students in both the urban center of Cusco, as well the greater province of Cusco. We partner together to run a vocational centre for survivors of sex trafficking in Cusco.