Research Initiatives

AAMS is currently conducting research on:

  1. Forced marriage
  2. Slavery in Mali
  3. Human Trafficking in Ontario

The Ontario Research Project will use data collection and case study analysis to better understand the needs of human trafficking victims within Ontario and the challenges that exist for organizations providing services to these victims. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Differences in jurisdiction
  • Language barriers
  • Housing services available and utilized
  • Risks that exist for families of victims
  • After care available for victims, including skill training, counseling, and treatment for PTSD
  • Rights awareness
  • Differences in victim demographics, including gender analysis

To serve as a resource on multiple levels, the data will be published and disseminated within a report this fall. The objectives of the report are as follows:

  • Inform training for the different sectors (nonprofit, government, law enforcement) involved;
  • Support public policy decisions makers to make evidence based decisions on policies and funding needs across Ontario;
  • Act as an education and awareness tool for the general public;
  • Inform further capacity building programs, projects, and events; including our upcoming conference topics and breakout workshops as well as specific training sessions in Ontario.

Join us at our Fourth Annual Conference this winter featuring:

  • Preliminary Ontario-Based Research Report Findings
  • Targeted needs-based break-out workshops and sessions for specific sectors
  • Key-note speakers on gap areas
  • An Ontario Coalition meeting

Stay tuned for more details!